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30 April 2012 @ 11:50 am

The “having it all” men gave work too, hobby too, fashion too their best shots!    

[It’s no doubt for the guys who appeared in FINEBOYS, all of those guys that are normally walking on the streets too are truly dressed in style. It’s for sure that they read this kind of magazine and research on their own. Ah~ I think I myself must work hard too.] Prior to photo shooting, Kamenashi said that while flipping through the pages of our magazine. What caught his eyes at that time is the page of his junior, Yamada Ryosuke who belongs to Hey! Say! Jump.  While looking at the page of Yamada, Kamenashi recalled the time where he made his own initial appearance in our magazine.      

[6 years have already passed by since then. During that time, my thinking was that the conditions of being a cool guy is to play billiards, darts, and surfing, and frequently went to polish my skills if time permits. I was particularly into billiards. I even had my own cue {laugh}]

While saying that, he held the cue ball prop that was available, in the fork-styled of baseball. It appeared that when he sees a white ball, he surely ends up thinking of baseball. This is typical of him being active in the role of a sportscaster.  If in the world of sports there is the “having it” expression used for players who can attract powerful luck, like Yu Darvish and Honda Keisuke, he who was on the 25th anniversary of publishing commemorative edition and continue on to the 26th anniversary commemorative edition as the “Anniversary Man” to grace the cover. It’s no doubt the man “having it”.   

[It’s not that I am aiming for it. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to continue for 2 years. I would like to be given this to do for a long time however for how long can I be on the cover!?  But even if I become an old man, I think that my interest in clothes will remain unchanged. Therefore it depends on how much more activities I can do later on at work. So I am all motivated (to work harder).]  

Looking at him with the aura of natural unaffected self has put us into a refreshing mood. His attitude in earnestly putting his utmost efforts into everything is probably the reason why the highly favorable impression of him is sustained. Likewise in regards to selecting clothes too, he held on to his resolute “self”.    

[If one is to buy and change clothes every season due to fashion, there won’t be enough money no matter how much you have isn’t it {laugh}! That’s why I think that to buy and keep good pieces of the basic staples, and then to be matched with 1 or 2 points of the fashion trends is the best.  For example, everyone uses the points of the current upcoming fashion trends, and after that simply put all together isn’t it? This alone is sufficiently stylish in appearance. The “all fired up!” styling on the contrary is not good styling right?]

Furthermore he didn’t only explain about the selected the items, but also explained about the styling methods in “ways of dressings”.

[For example, a professional stylist-san knows what kind of style is suitable just by looking at the person. But it’s impossible for a normal person who is unaccustomed to it. That’s why it’s various trials and errors. Initially it’s probably difficult to buy clothes that are suitable for yourself however I think that one gradually realizes the perfect fitting style while copying from the magazines. After that, it’s the “ways of dressing”. It’s because even one thing as the way of unbuttoning the shirt, the mood of the shirt changes. Humans have face shapes, the lengths of the neck, as well as the broadness of shoulders that are different for each and every one, isn’t it? That’s why I feel it’s important to search for the “supreme balance” to show off oneself in the best style. It’s because by doing that alone, even the same item appears totally different, please try it!] 

During photo shoot, he looked at the mirror and monitor and at the same time buttoned and unbuttoned his shirt, experimenting with the best shirt’s front opening of himself. He who is highly reputed as “having fashion sense even in his own clothes” is considerably fastidious in regards to fashion. His fastidiousness is fully inputted into the recently purchased dark blue spring coat too. The item he ordered was delivered exactly on the day of the photo shoot itself so he actually worn it to show us.  

[Hey! Isn’t this good, the size is perfect too. I wanted this no matter what and it was being ordered for me. It has been a long time since I wanted to have a piece of garment to this extend. The comfortableness of wearing it and the garment’s length etc. are ideal to my expectations.  It’s no doubt that I’ll wear this coat everyday however I am considering wearing it when singing my solo in the live concert too. It’s because I feel that it’s matching to the “atmosphere” of my own song.]

Fashion, performances, songs, dances, baseball…… the thinking is that just pouring the same amount of efforts into every one of them is difficult but this has been managed as if it’s nothing is marvelous. On top of that the interest in “camera” has been added recently. During the photo shoot, the technical terms he used when exchanging topics about photography with the camera man has even surprised the professional with his abundance of knowledge.

[I got interested in photography because I was being photographed. Just being photographed and not knowing anything of photography is vexing, isn’t it {laugh}. This was triggered due to buying a camera. I take digital as well as film photographs. I don’t particularly fix on a photographic subject and feel that I often photograph the sceneries of the places I go to.]

From now on is the season of fine weather. He said that he is planning to [go outdoors with the camera] as much as possible.

[By looking at the streets through the viewfinder of the camera, I noticed that I can look at the streets that I normally walked on, in a different way. “The flowers are blooming in this place” and “This signboard is cool” etc. Strolling along while thinking that I will search for the things I want to photograph, so it’s marvelous when my eyes caught such inconspicuous places. So thanks to that, I feel that the camera taught me a new sensation or new points of views. I think that this is useful for my work as well. It makes me aware that it’s not only at things on the surface, but to look more into the details. Now, what I want to master the most is taking photographs of the fishes swimming in a glass tank. That is difficult you know!  There’re many things yet to master and things to learn and so it’s fun. It seems like I will be completely stuck onto it for a while {laugh}.]

Even in the midst of leading an extremely busy life every day, he who never forgets about his own style has become a model of a good way to live as a man and as a person. It seems like there are many areas to learn from him, and not just only the part of his fashionable appearance.

Trans check credit: plumerika
Some errors have been spotted in my previous MISS 's trans, which I have edited with red fonts... so yup, you may want to pop by there to check it out. 

The expressions of Kamenashi-san vigorously biting into onigiri is the impressive renewal Afternoon’s Red Tea Delicious Unsweetened CM, Kamenashi-san version. Filming took place in a studio located in the Tokyo suburbs.

A magnificent fireplace set in the central of the room, the elaborated chic room decor, the interior room set designed in overwhelming grandiose like a movie, Kamenashi-san was greeted.

The highlight of this time is after all the expressions of Kamenashi-san eating onigiri and drinking the Delicious Unsweetened. The 3 flavors of onigiri of Salmon, Plum and Prawn Mayo respectively bitten once to show the inside fillings is an ability that Kamenashi –san needed to perform.

The thing is that the fillings of onigiri is difficult to control during moulding and pressing so it’s the situation that the very person who makes the onigiri don’t even know where the filling is.  Kamenashi-san carefully examined from among the prepared onigiri, several of those that seemed to have the fillings in the right spot, biting into it with resolution when the camera rolls, and this was done repeatedly.

It was a concern prior to filming that it may be time consuming but via the good senses of Kamenashi-san, filming ended smoothly with cut scenes that showed beautifully the inside fillings of Salmon, Plum, and Prawn Mayo respectively.       

During filming, the filming staffs ended up getting hungry due to circling around Kamenashi-san who seems to be eating the onigiri so deliciously and when filming ended, all the staff immediately ate up the leftover onigiri, with relish.  

[Delicious Unsweetened] held in one hand, Kamenashi-san agonized over [Why does it goes so well with Onigiri?]

Eating the salmon filling too; Eating the plum filling too; Eating the prawn mayo filling too

Surprised! [Why?] is it that all goes so well together.

The catch phrase of [It’s because “TEA” is Unsweetened Red Tea] together with the [Delicious Unsweetened] drank during meal time is to expressed the awareness for the 1st time that it’s one of the “TEA” of everyday.

  • Poor Baby… the Umeboshi (Pickled Plum) that you dislike so must have been awful :( :( :(
  • Original article and pictures are all from Kirin's official Afternoon’s Red Tea Website; New CM is up. But there’s no making this time…  yet?
  • The Unsweetened Delicious Tea (renewal version) will be on sales from March 27th 2012 & CM Kame's version will be on air March 27th 2012; CM Yu Aoi's version will be on air from April 1st 2012.
14 March 2012 @ 01:22 am

Drink the new “Afternoon Tea” and become Kamenashi [Afternoon’s Red Tea] New Character
The Chunichi Shimbun 2012 March 13th

Kamenashi Kazuya (26years old) of Idol group KAT-TUN chosen as the new character of [Kirin Afternoon Red Tea's Espresso Tea], has attended the new CM product launch presentation held at Laforet Museum Harajuku, Tokyo on the 12th.

The new CM [To become the finest] chapter, to be aired from the 13th, is of a morning at a certain office, an ordinary aged director drank the product and getting into a “fine mood”, through smooth computer graphics processing, transformed into the image of Kamenashi. When being asked what will he wants to be if he can transform, although Kamenashi promptly replied [I want to try walking in the street as a women wearing a skirt. What kind of feeling will that be…], he asked us to revert, [The present comment, can it be cancelled?] was said with extreme shyness.

Kamenashi said [during the filming, there were various requests from the film director such as to wink, to be more idol-liked etc.]. At today’s photo session too, a flood of requests such as [do kiss the can] [do open your eye while kissing the can] etc. came vigorously from the cameramen, [That’s a higher hurdle than the film director’s] was said as he smiled wryly and responded obligingly.


  • The CM consists of 2 actors, the old man actor before the “removing glasses transitional scene” to Kame in the later part of the CM. 
  • The drink is targeted at coffee drinkers, hence the transitional theme. … change drinking coffee to tea and you will become pretty (like Kame) XD XD XD
  • This Afternoon Red Tea shared the same year of birth (1986) as Kame, and as it’s a drink that he is usually fond of, he was surprised and happy to receive this CM offer.
  • Kirin’s website mentioned this CM as the “1st production”, hence there is speculations about 2nd, 3rd … productions.
  • Kirin's website showing the CM & Making.
13 March 2012 @ 04:05 am

The Composure of an Adult  X  The Dazzling Sensation

An Idol transformation

Kamenashi Kazuya-kun

20years old, 23years old, 26years old…… Kamenashi-kun has made appearances in [MISS] at these timings when ascending the steps of adulthood. The spectacular debut, the trial of the group, the popularity of the drama as the lead actor, more hectically than those of the same generation, busily, dashing through the years of his early twenties, has molded the himself of today. What’s the definition of an “Adult” for someone like him? We get to go over the topics of the real feelings of a 26years old man.

 (pictures showing Kame's imitations)

Kame-chan Back Stage 1: That actress made a sudden appearance in the studio?
Well, whose imitations are those in the pictures on the right? During photo shoots, Kamenashi-kun got into the imitations of that certain actress. At the intervals of photo shootings, and then right in the middle of photo shootings itself too, posing as well as saying [Wee~!] in high tension.  In addition, his spirit of service in giving shows extended on to original gags and the fun-filled atmosphere were pretty revitalizing for the staffs! [This photo is interesting? Do absolutely publish it.], and so please allow us to publish it in accordance to his words!

[The emotions were strong in “Let’s make the drama become a hot topic!”]

[I am not particular about being the lead actor. As a supporting actor, I want to try acting an emotional roller coaster suspense role.]

[Kamenashi-kun is nice], recently have heard these comments from female adults. Slightly baddish, and skillful at being coquettish like a cat, casually titillating the female hearts….. The young dazzling idol that’s Kamenashi-kun is now 26years old. These days, he is said to have become manly. [This, it’s just that I have aged], he who gave this reply and laughing at the same time gave off the presence of “an adult being at ease”, cultivated through various experiences and confidence gained by his grown-up self. 

[Last year was really a year of various happenings for the society as well as for me. The big one for me should be the drama “Yokai Ningen Bemu”. Putting on the special make-up and such was a greatly challenging trial for me however if it was in the past, I would have rejected it. [Gokusen] as well [Nobuta wo Produce] are simply fictions or rather fantasies input into dramas, isn’t it? That reaction is such that I had yearnings toward dramas that are like the ordinary clippings of daily life and wanted to try acting real life roles. But I received the offer of Bemu’s drama, and after the producer-san has also given a thorough explanations to the question of [why me?], I felt that now is the timing to act Bemu  because I could put efforts into the drama after understanding it, there weren’t any doubts.]

While the popularity of the drama was rising, was there pressure resulted from the reality of viewership?

[On the contrary, the condition was unfavorable prior to the start. Everyone was wondering [Why Bemu?] [Why Kamenashi?], right? It’s because I myself thought so. But I decided to have others judge it. If they watched it and it turned out differently, they would think [I knew it~] {laugh}. The director of the drama of this time is actually the AD at the time of [Nobuta~]. When I think of the flow of that time, my feeling is that I too have aged~. It was a luxury, to be given lead roles to act in since when I was a kid, and my position hasn’t change at all. If facing him as an AD and I was also in the 3rd position at that time (as a lead actor), and then when we both meet again as lead actor and director, and we had the mutual feeling of [We’ve come a long way!] though was a strange sensation.]

Kame-chan Back Stage 2: Our hearts fluttered at his kind considerations to the staff too!
Kamenashi—kun took a fancy to the white shirt of the photo shooting outfits, saying [This is cute ♥]. This was confirmed when he said [check it out!] to the stylist and purchased it. It was because he was at a lost over the outfit of his solo part for the live concert. [As the staffs appeared to be very busy so felt that I should search for the outfit by myself. Then recently, I met my parent by chance when I went to search for my outfit at Omotesando. As I was thinking [This car is similar to mine~] it turned out to be my parent’s. I was really surprised!]  

[I intend to bring out the “me” that everyone wants to see at the live concerts]

Kamenashi-kun is currently in the midst of national concert tour as one of the members of KAT-TUN. He who has always been pursuing for the evolution of the group in the 5years that have passed since debut, has unexpectedly given a cool-headed analysis about the group’s charm factors and the different presentations of their styles different than before.

[5years passed by and I thought that it will get to be more relaxed however it’s indefinable, it’s because there were too much various happenings in my group. Nothing in the present situation has changed as per the time of the debut. I feel that it’s bad. It’s no doubt that the things that have been done up till now are treasures however...... it’s because to be finally settled-down today, expanding oneself is a must from now onwards. Now, it’s the finally “debuted” feeling that is strong. For the group, we are sincere whenever we face each other, and it must be established from now on. The weapon of the present KAT-TUN is to have “5 in alignment”. Now, I have the feeling of all the 5 of us, side by side in a straight line. At the time of debut, as there were many jobs given to me alone, honestly, I did wonder [Is this wrong?]. But now, the activities for each of us have broadened has brought back my own feeling of the unknown. I feel that being able to respect without protesting, all of us have come to accept various situations. That’s why the feeling is “We can do it at last!” for the live concert of this time. Last year, the live concert ended up being postponed due to impact of the earthquake therefore KAT-TUN of year 2012 wants to start from the live concert, and it was being said all the time. The live concert is a place where the fans' screaming [Kya!] can be felt in reality. However it’s not that I am working particularly for the sake of this {laugh}, as since the time of junior it’s work = live concert, it’s the base or rather a very important part. It’s different from the job of the sportscaster too, for drama too, it’s where I am bringing out my dazzling self …… I think {laugh}?   But you know, recently I have become mellowed and was told that I am not being dazzling enough.]

Kame-chan Back Stage 3: One person is OK. I can go anywhere by myself!
Basically, his stance is not to reject friends if they asked him to go out and have fun. It’s said that Kamenashi-kun in private moves about frequently, by himself. [It’s not necessary to go (alone), however it’s totally OK to be by myself if I thought of going to the karaoke or to have grilled meat. Though I have gone on a solo trip to Okinawa in the past……It’s awkward being alone, spending little time together at the destination etc. after someone has asked me out. I feel comfortable to be together with anyone {laugh}. My next solo trip will be an overseas destination.]

[I feel that where I am now has become the place to continue living in]

Not being dazzling. The feeling that Kamenashi-kun has become an adult, now, is probably from the composed aura he exudes when he makes appearances in the media.

[I didn’t have such a role in the dramas, and in dealing with the sports players as a sportscaster, being dazzling is plainly like hating to loose, isn’t it. That’s why to be thought of as mellowed, I felt [Yosh!] on my part. That’s because I don’t bring it out. The dazzling. If my aura is thought to be different, probably one of the reasons is the increase of juniors. In the past, there were a lot of seniors when going out to have fun however recently the opportunities of going out together with juniors such as (Miura) Shouhei, (Okada) Masaki etc. who asked [Let’s go eat!] has increased. I get stimulated when I see them dazzling. At 26years old, to learn “the composure of an adult” from the seniors as well as being made aware of the “voracious sensations” by the juniors, it’s a good age to be receiving a balanced stimulation of both sides. Nonetheless, basically in private I move around mostly on my own.]

The captivating charm can be felt more than in the past. Moving towards 30years old, Kamenashi-kun expressed his thoughts that rather than his own progressions with the respective jobs of actor, sportscaster, variety shows, live concerts etc., it’s good if he can change the “ways people perceived about him”. Now, if he is being asked [What is your job?], what will the answer be?

[Freeter. Isn’t an idol the same as a freeter? One must do whatever that is being requested. Ah~, a temp worker is right as well~. I strived to my maximum in any jobs, and it doesn’t vary in whichever the job. Like in the past, Kamenashi = Dazzling, just as an Ikeman character only is dislikable for me. By expressing various sides of myself, I want others to normally feel that [Kamenashi-kun of today is like this]. That’s why I want to do all kinds of jobs, and I want to present all kinds of stuffs. There’s a word “National” and the fact is I am thinking that I want to be there. It’s not only the people in Tokyo, but going into the depths of the mountains, I want grandpas and grannies to be calling out [Kame-chan!] too.]  

Even though the appearance and aura are composed, Kamenashi-kun of the past remained as it is, holding the passions in the depths of his heart. These contrary dual sides of “composure” and “passionate” may indeed be the present conditions of a glittering idol. 

[Recently, I thought of something very interesting, during the time acting [Gokusen], KAT-TUN was just idol to the young children. I was told [Who I like is Kame-chan] and such. But you know, recently young children called me [Bemu!]. My thoughts were, I am Bemu~ {laugh}. It’s natural, as the children of that time have already become high school students. That’s why I realized that I must continue sending electric waves all the time to children as well as to grandpas and grannies. Ah~ But the power of [Going!] is big too, a low-pitched voice calling out [Kame-kun!] at Shinbashi was refreshing. {laugh}]          

The thing that Kamenashi-kun desires most now is free-time. With this time, he wants to revamp the appearance of his room however…… a concert tour around the corner, stage play, drama, varieties shows etc. are various job offers on standby, he who aim towards “National” will get his room settled down, probably a little further down the road. 


- A freeter is a person who takes a succession of casual jobs in preference to steady full-time employment. So freeter, being the part-timer in a company takes on all the miscellaneous jobs thrown to him without choice.

- Ikeman is a cool, good looking man.

- Omotesando is an upscale shopping area & Shinbashi is a commercial district, both are in Tokyo, Japan.

- White shirt, pants, shoes, all from Burberry Prorsum (http://jp.burberry.com/store/menswear/prorsum/), the white solo birdie shirt is at the 6th row of outfits shown on the web page.

- Blue knit top from Prada; Necklaces are Kame’s own

Edited April 17th 2012 with credit to plumerika whom I have seek help from to highlight my mistakes.

06 March 2012 @ 06:39 pm

Even if there are hateful people,
These people have families, friends and lovers as well,
When all of these people are being considered,
Somehow I can't bring myself to dislike them.

Kamenashi Kazuya
I see.... Kamenashi-kun is an adult!  ... Oohashihisae (shop)

Twitter message: When I saw a deadly drunken old man who has fallen asleep inside the train. [I think to myself that there was a time when this person was also an adorable baby.] and ended up thinking a lot of the past. Even though Kamenashi-kun is young... Amazing!

Source: http://twitter.com/#!/hisae1101/status/171612065834868736

Handwriting on the store front signboard is not by Kame.
The store picks a quote & updates it's signboard regularly.
23 February 2012 @ 12:19 am

Today is a happy day because it’s…Happy Birthday Kame!!

This video has made me very happy & hope that it made your day too

Video credit: 【和站出品】/ HDZ Production : [HDZ_K]120208 1SONG SHOW 字幕

*************************************  Starts at 0:38seconds

MC: Furthermore around that time, there’s this popular variety program. That’s the miniskirt police.

Miniskirt police: You’ll be arrested!                                                                        

MC: This phrase got very popular.

MC: So to seize this opportunity, for the sake of Kamenashi-kun who is a big fan of miniskirt police, we’ve got this person of the 1st generation miniskirt police to say this famous line.

Miniskirt police: Kamenashi-kun, if you won’t be a good kid, I’ll arrest you!

MC: Oh~! You may be arrested, Kamenashi-kun!     

Kame: It’s nostalgic!

MC: Nostalgic. Nostalgic.

Kame:  I was just an elementary school student.

MC: This is unexpected!

Kame: It was the same room with my brothers. So I can’t watch.     

MC: So it’s like that.

Kame: It’s not that the room has a key. It’s that I won’t know when my parents are going to come up right?

MC: I see! Got it! Got it! It was a place that anyone can trespass into. Right…

Kame: If there was a way that can be done to watch it, there was this small damaged TV.

MC: Portable TV.

Kame: Portable TV.

Kame:  That has a spring coil at the place to put batteries, which was broken & always abandoned in that room.

MC: I see!

Kame: I kept thinking can there be any ways that can be done to make it work...

MC: How to fix the spring coil.

Kame: How to fix the spring coil.

Kame: Then after school or after classes, my friend & I collaborated in several ways & after using pliers to fix it, the TV got reception!!

Guest: Kamenashi-kun is just making erotic talk.  

MC: This has originated from erotic intentions!

Kame: It’s wonderful, that of striving for the sake of a goal, that feeling surely must not be forgotten!

MC: That’s a strange conclusion!

MC: Kamenashi-kun talks about nothing except erotic today.

Kame: I’ll change back the subject, but was watching that roulette wheel of the hot spring commercial, with pounding heart!!

******************************* Ends at 2:29 second & Starts at 2:38 second ♥

MC: TanoShingo is a little excited by the current topics.

TanoShingo: Yes, I want Kamenashi-san to arrest me ♥♥

MC: Shingo, the police will arrest you!

******************************** Ends at 2:50seconds ♥

Credit: This will not be possible if without plumerika who has helped to trans check my work.

14 February 2012 @ 05:58 am

Kamenashi Kazuya : is Silent to the Wedding Topics of Previous KAT-TUN member – Akanishi
MANTAN-WEB mainichi shinbun digitaru 2012 February 13thhttp://mantan-web.jp/2012/02/13/20120213dog00m200023000c.html

Kamenashi Kazuya of popular idol group [KAT-TUN] has made an appearance on the 13th, for the event of new product launch of Panasonic’s home electric beauty range [Panasonic Beauty] held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Questions such as [Do you know of the wedding?] [Have you been in contact?] were thrown by the press reporters, in regards to previous KAT_TUN member, singer Akanishi Jin-san who has married actress Kuroki Meisa-san, but Kamenashi-san has no reactions to it & makes no changes in facial expressions, left the venue with no comments.

In the same company as me, there are men who [desire to have healthy hair & natural skin], whose needs are increasing hence would suggest [Head Spa] for men too. Beauty treatment equipment that allow shampooing and head spa to be done at the same time [scalp esthetic] etc. drying & warm/ cool hair spa done at the same time hair dryer [nano care] & such new products were being announced.

Kamenashi-san who has interest in hair spa, & too has personally gone to the store was all smiles, saying [I like it as it feels wonderfully refresh & clear. I was happy to hear that (the new products) can be used at home]. Praises from the MC were made about a series of advertising pictures, such as [It’s a good expression], [As it’s Panasonic Beauty! As he doesn’t allow himself to think about the accumulated fatigue!] to show the self-awareness of being an image model.      

Kamenashi-san, [as my the hair has to be set (*perm/ style) for a long time so am more concerned about scalp care than most people do. Washing is being done twice when shampooing] talked about his own scalp care, [Scalp care is Men’s care! To keep a healthy scalp, to keep clean. For men’s personal grooming, for the care as being a man] delivered the message. (manichi shinbun digitaru)


- Picture credit: Panasonic website link to the promotion pictures:



- TV_pia twitter stated on twitter that the new products will be launched for sale on April 21st.

- SODA editorial department stated on twitter that the CM will be on air from April onwards, but their magazine 4/1 edition to be on sale February 23rd, will be showing in advance pictures of the CM meeting & making.

- JP fan blogs stated the following conversation during the product launch event:

Kame [I felt good throughout filming however the bubbles were difficult. As the bubbles will disappear so the bubble technician has to foam the bubbles up (laugh)]
The MC then said a gag [So how is the feeling of “bubbling in bubbles”] to which Kame followed with [Ah~ That (laugh) is no problem. My group member, Taguchi is this type (laugh).

So from this, does it mean that the CM will be showing Kame shampooing his hair in the bathroom .... Happy Valentine Day :D

I love his reactions here...

Video credit: 【和电站出品】  [HDZ_K]120213 SUPER NEWS PANASONIC 字幕
IMPT: This credit must be stated for re-sharing of this video.

(credit: kokoberi)

Extracts from The Weekly Television Magazine, dated February 8th
The original (Japanese blogger) of the extracted article has requested not to be linked. 

Best Actor Award – 1st placed winner: Kamenashi Kazuya, as Bemu, broke new grounds!

Kamenashi Kazuya broke new grounds in playing the role of Bemu, totally transforming the original work of the anime.

[The anguishes & sorrows can be felt in the performance of a suppressed role]

[The dark character produced was wonderful] were highly acclaimed.

Winner by more than twice the difference from the 2nd place, this is the 2nd time in glory for Kamenashi Kazuya since [Nobuta wo Produce] by NTV in year 2005.

Speech of Award Recipient (Kamenashi Kazuya)

The filming period was run on a packed schedule due to playing characters that are different from the real world. I was concerned about my movements, not blinking my eyes, when playing an appealing Bemu, by expressions. For the monster’s transformation scenes, I took into reference the mouth movements of my beloved pet dogs at home, to try bring out the wild-natured feeling.  Honestly, I was moved to tears when watching the last episode at home!  It has become a truly precious piece of work to me.

Best Drama Award – 2nd placed winner: Yokai Ningen Bemu

Kamenashi Kazuya has wiped away his image of up till now, with the high acclamations, in the best actor award. Life-action filming adapted from the world of anime is known to be difficult, & the splendidly reproduced [Yokai Ningen Bemu] has won 2nd place in the best drama awards. The impact it gives has extent to that even other TV stations have made parodies out of it. It’s a piece of work that will remain in one’s memory.  

Best Supporting Actress Award – 1st placed winner: “Chameleon Actress” Anne is crowned!

Anne has monopolized the top places in all the readers, TV reporters, & jury’s voting, drawing a difference of 3 times above the 2nd placed.

[The visual is Bera herself, it’s Bera beyond the expected Bera! Perfect performance of  the expressions, tone of voice etc.]

[An actress like a chameleon blending into anything.  Has already gotten furnished with a distinctive character.] Anne’s acting skills were admiringly commented by many.

(T/N: A chameleon person is described as easily changeable.)

Speech of Award Recipient (Anne)

As Bera is a character with depth, trial errors were made in the rehearsals. But gradually having gotten used to it, I got to enjoy it & unconsciously entered into lines such as [Bera’s whip will hurt]. Starting from Kamenashi-san, the teamwork of the casts was really fantastic. In particular being attached to Fuku-kun, I was really lonely after filming has completed. Hence, I ended up keeping a pet dog, immediately after the filming {laugh}.   

Best Supporting Actor Award – 2nd placed winner: Suzuki Fuku

Yokai Ningen Bemu, Bero has the appearance of a child, & due to his overflowing curiosity, gets involved in the troubles of human as per the original work’s character. Warming up stories that tend to become dark by his innate cuteness. His charm is spread yet another step after [that of Marumo].


Detailed List of the awards recipients by crovoxisikes :http://going-gonin.livejournal.com/553142.html#comments

Kame won Best Actor Award in the 47th Television Drama Academy Awards (Y2005, Nobuta wo Produce, NTV). He was voted into top position by all the readers, TV reporters, & jury. 

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Honestly! Ran & Jelly inspired Bemu's expressions?!! It will never be the same watching Bemu XD
Ran-chan                          Jelly-chan
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03 February 2012 @ 06:06 am

Highly rated by Drama awards & all across the board!  [Yokai Ningen Bemu] Kamenashi Kazuya too “Watch it in slow mode”
CYZO WOMAN 2012 January 29th http://www.cyzowoman.com/2012/01/post_5103.html
The original article is of a 3rd party reporting; Kame is not being interviewed so there maybe some misinterpretations, which pls keep in mind while reading. 

[Yokai Ningen Bemu; NTV] completed broadcasting with consistently favorable viewer’s ratings has won the Galaxy’s monthly awards for Year 2011 December.  As the monthly award’s winner that is unlike those that have shone previously in the Galaxy Awards, such as [Freeter, Ie o Kau; Fuji TV] & [Ryusei no Kizuna; TBS], Kamenashi Kazuya being the lead actor will not be changing his initial evaluation of the casts’ & staffs’ hard working attitude, isn’t it? &, too in the [15th Nikkansports’ Drama Grand Prix] for those drama series broadcasted in October, [Yokai Ningen Bemu] triumphed over 4 out of 5 categories, showing no less a good big fight in not losing to [Kaseifu no Mita; NTV] which at 40% viewer’s rating has garnered many news’s topics.   

To Kamenashi who has been given the dishonorable title of [low viewer’s ratings prince], the numbers gained by [Bemu] has led to his confidence as he speaks on radio [Kamenashi’s HANG OUT; Nack5] in deep earnestness of memories during the time of filming.

Closed to 100 casts & staffs got together for the last episode’s viewing prior to airing, watching it together with the cameramen, lighting staffs whom [Am entranced], [Want to film it forever],[It’s beautiful] such comments were received. I was truly happy as to look around, however due to the crowd I can’t look deliberately because [was greatly embarrassed however, having already watched Bemu’s last episode alone by myself]. [For my first time~ normally cried! Totally don’t have the feeling that filming has already completed. Even though filming has finished. After watching by myself during the daytime, Ah~ it’s over], finally having the actual feeling of becoming alone.          

& then, this unexpected topic revealed the hardships faced during the last episode’s filming.

[At the final round, there’s Bemu’s hand (filming cuts’) in the end. The scheduling was late into the night, & because the following day too starts from the morning; it seems that not mine, someone else’s was called to be in-charged of being the hand however I did went to film just the hand only for as long as 4 hours! It’s really just a flash? Am not sure if it’s my hand however, there is such a pose. Therefore, please definitely watch it in slow mode, whether if that is my hand].

[4 hours long filming in 5mins] sounds like a miserable ending but this episode has conveyed Kamenashi’s seriousness such that he definitely wants to act it even though this’s only a trivial scene. Would you like to replay it in slow mode on the DVD, on sale in March?   

& currently in the midst of preparation for KAT-TUN’s tour starting from February 11th, it seems like the arrangements too will take around 4hours of efforts at every round. [It’s always “Mr confirm from the set” however this time on the contrary, will try to confirm from the 1st round of songs], so it’s this style in challenging a new trial. For KAT-TUN’s 6th year since debut, just what kind of activities will they be showing this year? Looking forward to it, with anticipation.


Galaxy Awards Link in Japanese: http://www.houkon.jp/galaxy/gekkan.html#201112

15th Nikkansports’ Drama Grand Prix Link in Japanese: http://www.nikkansports.com/entertainment/award/ns-dramagp/top-ns-dramagp.html

DVD Box picture from amazon.com.jp link: http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B006J489AO/cyzowoman-22/ref=nosim/

Scan Credit: KAL/ Pornvilai for Ray 2011年11月號
Ray 2011年11月號 Scan credit: KAL/ Pornvilia

Want to enjoy work, regardless.

Want to continue existence as this sort of person.

I for now am still an evolving person.

Kamenashi Kazuya has revealed “definition of a grown-up” is?

No matter how much time passes, I would like to be acquainted with the silliness in me.

The visible part alone is insufficient; it’s getting to feel many things.

Who can it be to conjure up this formula? Yokai Ningen = Kamenashi Kazuya. This October, Kamenashi plays the lead role for the TV drama series adaption of that masterpiece anime “Yokai Ningen Bemu”.

“Nope, was surprised initially. Recently ”Kaibutsu-kun” has been filmed into a wonderful dream production resulting in the feeling that surely the same taste can’t be achieved. Frankly, it didn’t even cross my mind that Bemu is like my self-image {laugh}. It’s a drama of humankind due to the basis of the storyline therefore the ugly side of humans too is for sure to be fully exposed. The society however may have such proud expressions of [Ah~ , This~!] but there is the feeling that it will be good if being able to convey the matter of fact kind of difficulties that we are all having year after year.”

Having acted the lead role in numerous dramas, Kamenashi is 25years old now. In the past it seems that nothing will ever be changing, however he is getting to be self-conscious of approaching the age of being called an adult.

“I do not think of making big changes because I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with my life. Simply, aging, getting to broaden the waveband inside my brain while gaining various experiences. The visible part alone is insufficient; it’s getting to feel many things. In the past, I struggled desperately in order for things to materialize but year by year, it doesn’t seemed to be materializing. [I did my best!] alone is somehow wrong? If that is the case, I too am not convinced. I probably grew up in this way… & it’s better if I hardly talk about this so as to be cool right? That’s why it was left as it is without changing {laugh}.”

& recently, it is getting frequent to be called [senior] in the office etc.         

“It is really great to be a senior even though I am also gaining experiences. Of course currently I am also getting to do jobs by using the viewpoint that is of a junior, I am fully aware of this. It’s because there are many seniors that are being called grown-ups in this industry, particularly in the office. So it’s broadening the width in expandable areas; narrowing where it has to be reduced. From now on, I too must be able to work with this judgment. There will definitely be a time when even if you try to catch up but unable to simply expand the width. It’s because if this can be overcome easily, one will really have become a monster {laugh}. Probably I will attain the actual feeling of being a grown-up when I am able to execute this judgment smoothly.”

Then on the contrary, is there a part inside yourself that you definitely want to remain unchanged?

"It’s acquainting with the silliness in me. Of course, I must not be like this all the time; I must be well-mannered when it’s the TOP. However, at somewhere I would like to be a human that let you see their transparent side.  I have been in the world of seniors until now, & people younger than me are beginning to increase… Even during times like this, I don’t want to change this feeling forever."

①A fan of Kame will know but just in case, Yokai Ningen = Humanoid Monster, the main characters of the Y2011 Jdrama “Yokai Ningen Bemu” casting Kame as the lead actor. The humanoid monster character played by Kame is called “Bemu”.

②“Kaibutsu-kun”: Originally a manga, being made into a Jdrama series & then to a movie, following its popularity.